da/sec scientific talk

da/sec scientific talk

Im da/sec scientific talk werden Forschungsergebnisse, die erst kürzlich veröffentlicht wurden oder es demnächst werden, am Fachbereich Informatik präsentiert. Wir möchten mit Studenten/innen, Mitarbeitern/innen und Professoren/innen über unsere Forschung diskutieren und freuen uns auf Feedback zur Präsentation. Die scientific talks sind einerseits Ergebnispräsentationen und andererseits gegenseitige Hilfen beim Probevortragen, was jeden Studierenden betrifft, spätestens zum Studiumende.

The da/sec scientific talk is a platform for discussing recent research results of our group with our faculty of computer science. We like to share our knowledge with our students, colleagues, and professors. Please feel free to join the talks and to discuss recent gains and presentation styles with us. Our scientific talks are not only results presentations, but also presentation rehearsals. Where, at the latest in the end of studies, presentation rehearsals affect all students as well.

Upcoming talks

2022-12-08: Juan Tapia — Impact of Face Image Quality Estimation on Presentation Attack Detection


2022-11-23: Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler — Generalisable Presentation Attack Detection for Multiple Types of Biometric Characteristics
2022-10-28: Pia Bauspieß — Improved Biometrics-Authenticated Key Exchange
2022-07-21: Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler — Towards Generalisable Facial Presentation Attack Detection Based on the Analysis of Facial Regions
2022-06-23: Torsten Schlett — Utility-centric Ranking of Quality Assessment Methods
2022-05-19: Daile Osorio-Roig — Indexing Protected Deep Face Templates by Frequent Binary Patterns
2022-04-28: Marcel Grimmer — Face Age Progression using StyleGAN Latent Space Manipulations
2022-03-31: Siri Lorenz and Jannis Priesnitz — SynCoLFinGer – Synthetic ContactLess Fingerprint Generator
2022-02-24: Jannis Priesnitz — Recent Advances in the Research Area of Contactless Fingerprint Recognition
2022-01-27: Fabian Stockhardt — Computational-cheap hand RoI extraction
2021-12-16: Jascha Kolberg — Fairness in Biometric Systems – The Watchlist Imbalance Effect
2021-11-25: Juan Tapia — Morphing Detection using Siameses networks and few-shots learning approach
2021-10-21: Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler — Two-stream Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for Voice Presentation Attack Detection
2021-09-23: Siri Lorenz — Morphing Attack Detection: A Fusion Approach
2021-07-07: Cristian Botezatu — Impact of Selfie Filters on Face Recognition Systems
2021-06-10: Jascha Kolberg — Security Enhancement and Privacy Protection for Biometric Systems
2021-05-12: Torsten Schlett — Face Image Quality Assessment: An Overview
2021-04-08: Dailé Osorio-Roig — Stable Hash Generation for Efficient Privacy-Preserving Face Identification
2021-03-11: Mathias Ibsen — Impact of Facial Manipulations on Face Recognition Systems: Improving Robustness Towards Facial Tattoos
2021-02-04: Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler — Towards Deep Generative Models for improving generalisation capabilities on Face Presentation Attack Detection
2021-01-07: Jannis Priesnitz — Touchless Fingerprint Recognition put into practice: Performance and Usability Aspects
2020-12-10: Marcel Grimmer — Deep Face Age Progression: An Introduction
2020-11-05: Pia Bauspieß — Post-Quantum Secure Two-Party Computation for Iris Biometric Template Protection
2020-10-08: Fabian Stockhardt — Accelerating facial identification with morphing
2020-07-23: Ulrich Scherhag — Morphing attack detection for face recognition algorithms
2020-06-25: Mathias Ibsen — Impact of Facial Tattoos on Face Recognition Systems
2020-05-28: Jascha Kolberg — Efficient Post-quantum-secure Biometric Face Template Protection
2020-04-23: Marcel Meuter, Lorenz Liebler — Developing a hypervisor-agnostic VMI Framework
2020-03-18: Pawel Drozdowski — Efficient privacy-preserving biometric identification in large-scale multibiometric systems
2020-02-27: Daniel Fischer — State Of The Art of Morphing Detection (SOTAMD)
2020-01-16: Jannis Priesnitz — Touchless Fingerprint Sample Quality and Biometric Performance Prediction: Prerequisites for the Applicability of NFIQ2.0
2019-12-19: Thomas Schäfer — Generating data sets for digital forensics with the hystck framework
2019-11-14: Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler — Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection based on local features encoding for Unknown Attacks
2019-10-17: Thomas Göbel — A Novel Approach for Generating Synthetic Datasets for Digital Forensics
2019-08-14: Alexander Zeier — API Usability of Stateful Signature Schemes
2019-08-21: Rolf Huesmann — Eigenschaften optimierter API-Dokumentationen im Entwicklungsprozess sicherer Software
2019-07-04: Ulrich Scherhag — Face Morphing Attack Detection
2019-07-02: Vivian Ives Philipp Erbenich — Phishing Attack Recognition by End-Users: Concepts for URL Visualization and Implementation
2019-06-19: Christian Rathgeb — Beautifying your Face Image can have its Price: A Study on the Impact of Beautification Apps on Face Recognition
2019-05-09: Pawel Drozdowski — Turning a Vulnerability into an Asset: Accelerating Facial Identification with Morphing
2019-04-11: Lorenz Liebler — Towards Exact and Inexact Approximate Matching of Executable Binaries
2019-03-20: Jascha Kolberg — Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging
2019-02-21: Michael Wirth — Is an IP-Camera IoT and how secure is it at all?
2019-01-23: Marta Gomez-Barrero — Multimodal Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection

2018-12-06: Hareesh Mandalapu — Can impersonation be a real threat to spreaker recognition systems?
2018-11-15: Christian Meng — Forensic Data Analysis and Recovery of Deleted SQLite Records
2018-10-18: Lorenz Liebler, Patrick Schmitt — Evaluating and extending Hierarchical Bloom Filter Trees for forensic purposes
2018-09-06: Pascal Keilbach — Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging
2018-07-12: Ruben Tolosana — Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection
2018-06-21: Christian Rathgeb — Differential Face Morph Detection: Screening Uncorrelated Facial Galleries
2018-06-07: Adrian Kailus, Christian Hecht, Thomas Göbel — fishy – A Framework for Implementing Filesystem-based Data Hiding Techniques
2018-05-17: Daniel Fischer — Multi-Instance Fingerprint Classification using Global Features
2018-04-20: Daniel Träder — Auf dem Weg zu sicheren abgeleiteten Identitäten mit Hilfe der Payment Service Directive 2
2018-04-12: Andreas Nautsch — Bayesian Decision Theory: Evaluation of binary Decision Systems
2018-03-29: Ulrich Scherhag — Angriffserkennung für Gesichtserkennungsalgorithmen – aktuelle Entwicklungen
2018-02-15: Sebastian Gärtner — Generating synthetic data for digital forensic training and education
2018-01-25: Jascha Kolberg — Computationally Efficient Homomorphic Encryption for Iris Codes

2017-12-07: Marta Gomez-Barrero — Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection
2017-11-30: Benedikt-Alexander Mokroß — Efficient Biometric Identification in Palm Vein Databases
2017-10-19: Lorenz Liebler — Approxis: a first step torwards fast data reduction and cross validation in the field of memory forensics
2017-08-24: Daniel Träder — Design and Implementation Aspects of Mobile Derived Identities
2017-07-13: Jessica Steinberger — Distributed DDoS Defense: A collaborative Approach at Internet Scale
2017-06-22: Marta Gomez-Barrero — Biometric Symmetry: Implications on Template Protection
2017-05-11: Christian Rathgeb — On the Feasibility of Creating Morphed Iris-Codes
2017-04-27: Thomas Göbel — Anti-Forensik mit dem Fokus auf das ext4-Dateisystem
2017-03-02: Nicolas Buchmann — Enhancing breeder document long-term security by blockchain technology
2017-01-12: Sebastian Gärtner — Forensische Artefakte im Windows Betriebssystem

2016-12-01, Ulrich Scherhag — Angriffserkennung für Gesichtserkennungsalgorithmen
2016-11-03, Andreas Nautsch — Speaker Recognition in unconstrained Environments
2016-07-14, Ulrich Scherhag — Unit-Selection Attack Detection Based on Unfiltered Frequency-Domain Features
2016-06-23, Sebastian Abt — Understanding and Improving State-of-Data in Network Security Research
2016-05-19, Saed Alavi — Booters and certificates: An overview of TLS in the DDoS-as-a-Service landscape
2016-05-12, Andersen Hoppe, Esbern — Iris Recognition on Mobile Devices
2016-04-07, Benjamin Kuhnert — Collaborative DDoS Defense using Flow-based Security Event Information
2016-01-21, Sebastian Gärtner — ForensicLab

2015-12-03, Johannes Wagner & Christian Rathgeb — SIFT based Iris Recognition
2015-11-12, Martin Olsen — Fingerprint Image Quality – Predicting Biometric Performance
2015-10-22, Nicolas Buchmann — Post Quantum Cryptography for electronic travel documents
2015-07-02, Hong Hao — Deep Learning in Speaker Recognition
2015-05-07, Anika Pflug — Biometric Identification using 2- and 3-Dimensional Images of Human Ears
2015-04-30, Sven Ossenbühl — Towards automated incident handling: How to select an appropriate response against a network-based attack?
2015-04-16, Jessica Steinberger — How to Exchange Security Events? Overview and Evaluation of Formats and Protocols
2015-02-06, Guest talk: Rahim Saeidi — Including Quality Metrics in Calibration of Biometric Matching Scores (Aalto University, Finland)

2014-12-04, Christian Rathgeb — Towards Bloom Filter-based Indexing of Iris Biometric Data
2014-11-13, Andreas Nautsch — Speaker Verification using i-Vectors
2014-10-23, Lisa Schehlmann — Blessing or Curse? Revisiting Security Aspects of Software-Defined Networking

List of our Scientific Afternoons, our previous event series at CASED

2014-07-02, Daniel Kopp: Towards quantifying the IP spoofing phenomenon
2014-07-02, Pascal Paul: Eine vergleichende Studie zu Textur Deskriptoren für Ohren-Erkennung
2014-05-26, Frank Breitinger: On the utility of bytewise approximate matching in computer science with a special focus on
2014-05-26, digital forensics investigations
2014-04-18, Nicolas Buchmann: Towards electronic identification and trusted services for biometric authenticated transactions
2014-04-18, in the Single Euro Payments Area
2014-04-18, Anika Pflug: Classification of Ear Images Based on Texture Features
2014-03-24, Andreas Heinemann: User Centric Security
2014-03-24, Christian Rathgeb (Stefan Billeb): Efficient Two-Stage Speaker Identification
2014-02-24, Lisa Schehlmann: Security aspects of SDN
2014-02-24, Johannes Wagner: Effects of Severe Signal Degradation on Ear Biometrics
2014-01-17, Andreas Nautsch: Speaker recognition
2014-01-17, Lukas Bielinski: Netzwerkforensik

2013-12-16, Martin Olsen: A tutorial on random forests
2013-12-16, Christoph Dietzel: Analyse mobiler Malware
2013-11-25, Anders Pedersen: ASM for Ear Recognition
2013-11-25, Sven Ossenbühl: Reaction strategies on anomalous events within flow-based data
2013-10-18, Marta Gomez: Face recognition mit Bloom-Filtern
2013-10-18, Sebastien Gärtner: Identifying people on their network fingerprint
2013-09-30, Marius Klimmek: Towards a flexible botnet simulation framework
2013-09-30, Reinhard Stampp: Entwicklung eines Frameworks zur Synthese gutartigen Netzwerkverkehrs
2013-08-26, Saad Azam: Face recognition using Active Appearance Model
2013-08-26, Jessica Steinberger: A FLEXible and efficient exchange format for network flow data
2013-06-24, Ivan Danov: Modelling Blockwise Fingerprint Images with SOM
2013-06-24, Nicolas Buchmann: Security considerations on extending PACE to a biometric-based connection establishment
2013-05-27, Reinhard Stampp: Towards a Framework for Synthesis of Benign Network Traffic
2013-05-27, Raul Sanchez-Reillo (UC3M): R&D at UC3M Group for Identification Technologies (GUTI)
2013-04-29, Vikas Gupta: File fragment detection on network level
2013-04-29, Martin Boeckeler: Landmarkdetektion fuer 3D-Gesichtserkennung
2013-03-25, Christian Dietz: Passive Remote Detection of Network Address Translation (NAT) by using NetFlow
2013-03-25, Marek Dusio: Fingerprint Sample Quality
2013-02-25, Malte Wiest: Automatic Person Detection and Recognition in Surveillance Videos
2013-02-25, Jessica Steinberger: Is network defense at ISP level feasible? A survey on anomaly detection and mitigation at Internet scale
2013-01-28, Georgios Stivaktakis: Framework for testing Similarity Preserving Hash functions
2013-01-28, Naser Damer: Multi-Biometric Fusion

2012-12-17, Heiko Witte: A context-aware mobile biometric system
2012-12-17, Anika Pflug: Applied Sciences or just Engineering? – Where`s the science in Biometrics?
2012-11-26, Sebastian Hohmann: Ear Recognition Using Local features
2012-11-26, Simon Thurner: Entwicklung von Methoden zur Erkennung von Verschlüsselung und ihre Anwendung auf die digitale Forensik
2012-10-29, Maboud Farzaneh Kaloorazi: 3D Ear Recognition based on Force Field Transform
2012-10-29, Carmen Gaißer: Realization and evaluation of a command and control channel via IPv6 extension headers
2012-10-29, Christopher Knöll: Das Tablet in der Cloud: Forensische Untersuchung und rechtliche Handhabe anhand eines IPad”
2012-08-28, Xuebing Zhou: 3D Face Recognition
2012-08-28, Chrisitan Rathgeb: Iris Biometrics: Template Protection and Advanced Comparators
2012-06-26, Sebastian Abt: Towards Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Network-Based Botnet Detection Using Netflow Data
2012-06-26, Ruediger Gad (FH Frankfurt a.M.): Performance Evaluation of On-Demand IP Address Assignment for Layer-2 Devices
2012-05-29, Anton Makarov: Fingerprint quality estimation using Self-Organizing Maps
2012-05-29, Arthur Gervais: Attacks and defense mechanisms against industrial control systems (SCADA)
2012-04-24, Frank Breitinger: A Fuzzy Hashing Approach based on Random Sequences and Hamming Distance
2012-04-24, Prof. Dr. Martin Kappes (FH Frankfurt): IT-Sicherheit in kleinen und mittelstaendischen Unternehmen
2012-03-27, Heiko Witte: BioAPI – A brief introduction
2012-03-27, Claudia Nickel: Accelerometer-based Biometric Gait Recognition for Authentication on Smartphones
2012-02-27, Pierre Schnarz: Bürgerbefragung zur IT-Sicherheit im Endanwenderbereich
2012-02-27, Knut Asboel: Fuzzy Hashing based on Run-Length-Encoding using Dilation and Erosion
2012-01-31, Philip Back: 3D Ear Detection Using Shape Index Histograms

2011-12-19, Jesse Beckingham: Security Analysis of SD Hash
2011-12-19, Georg Ziroff: Statistical approach for fuzzy hashing
2011-11-29, Julian Knauer: Security Considerations of Password Protection of HDDs
2011-11-29, Nicolas Buchmann: Evaluation of the Security Infrastructure of MRTD