2016-06-23 on Internet-Security

da/sec scientific talk on Internet-Security

Topic: Understanding and Improving State-of-Data in Network Security Research

by Sebastian Abt
FBI D19/2.03a, June 23, 2016 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Network Security Research, Reference Data


The availability of labelled data is typically a requirement for performing network security research. Unfortunately, such data is sparsely available. Nonetheless, much data-driven network security research is published every year. Mostly, the work described in such papers has been performed on data sets held private, which has two implications: first, the published work does not contribute to improving the state-of-data in network security research. Second, the published results typically lack reproducibility as easy repetition of experiments is not possible. Especially the latter contradicts essential scientific principles and compromises the established peer-review process. This talk aims at summarising the state-of-data and resulting problems in network security research and describes different approaches to improve the current situation.