2015-10-22 on Cryptography

da/sec scientific talk on Cryptography

Topic: Post Quantum Cryptography for electronic travel documents

by Nicolas Buchmann
FBI D14/0.13, October 22, 2015 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — cryptography, PQCrypto, travel documents, IT-security, smart cards


Electronic machine readable travel documents have become an essential part of boarder control in the civil aviation domain. The security of the underlying protocols either relies on the hardness of the factorisation problem or the discrete logarithm problem over a prime field / over elliptic curves. In the presence of quantum computers with large Qubit registers these today considered hard mathematical problems become trivial to solve due to the Shor algorithm and the established cryptography gets insecure. Candidates for the Post Quantum era have been proposed for more than 45 years and this talk discusses which of them are most suitable for the low power smart card technology built into today’s passports and national identity cards.