2023-04-27 on biometrics, palm vein recognition

da/sec scientific talk on biometrics, palm vein recognition

Topic: Project conclusion ZIM-Bio

by Fabian Stockhardt
D19/2.03a, April 27, 2023 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — object-detection, hand, palm, vein recognition, 3D


The human body offers many features for biometric recognition. Some are obvious, some are hidden, each have advantages and disadvantages. For the last 24 months, we have been part of a project that deals with a relatively novel recognition method: Using near infrared illumination and the hand palm area of a subject, to extract hand vein patterns that lie at a close distance under the skin. Without help, these are not visible to the human eye, but with the right wavelength, they become visible and usable. In the ZIM-Bio project, we used the latest technological advances, especially machine learning, to search for the best recognition performance. After the project has ended, we present our results and experiences and give an outlook on the future of this technology.