2020-06-25 on Biometrics

da/sec scientific talk on Biometrics

Topic: Impact of Facial Tattoos on Face Recognition Systems

by Mathias Ibsen

online Big Blue Button Room: D19/2.03a, June 25, 2020 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Face recognition, Beautification, Tattoos


State-of-the-art face recognition systems have shown to be vulnerable to different kind of facial beautification like plastic surgery, makeup and facial retouching. Therefore, facial tattoos are expected to have an impact on the performance of face recognition systems but are yet to be investigated.
In this work, we investigate the impact of facial tattoos on face recognition systems by creating databases of facial images with tattoos and comparing these databases performance on commercial and open-source face recognition systems with the performance on the same facial images without tattoos.
Obtained results show that facial tattoos affect both the tested commercial and open-source systems, especially for facial images with high intensities of tattoos and when facial images with tattoos are compared to more unconstrained probe images without tattoos.
Moreover, some of the tested face recognition and detection algorithms have shown to be particularly vulnerable to facial tattoos portraying human faces for which a significant performance drop was revealed compared to the baseline experiments.