2018-07-12 on Biometrics

da/sec scientific talk on Biometrics

Topic: Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection

by Ruben Tolosana
D19/2.03a, July 12, 2018 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Biometrics, Presentation Attacks, Fingerprint


Biometric recognition offers many advantages over traditional authentication methods, but they are also vulnerable to, for instance, presentation attacks. This refers to the presentation of artifacts, such as facial pictures or gummy fingers, to the biometric capture device, with the aim of impersonating another person or to avoid being recognised. As such, they challenge the security of biometric systems and must be prevented. In this paper, we present a new fingerprint presentation attack detection method based on convolutional neural networks and multi-spectral images extracted from the finger in the short wave infrared spectrum. The experimental evaluation, carried out on a database comprising different materials for the fabrication of the artifacts and including unknown attacks for testing, shows promising results: all attacks and bona fides were correctly classified.