Research on Convenient and Privacy Compliant Biometric Systems

The mission of our research on Biometrics is to achieve progress towards better Biometric systems. While our work is covering numerous physiological and behavioral modality including 2D- and 3D-face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingervein recognition, ear recognition and gait recognition the intention to be better has various flavors. In the first instance the research is targeting improved recognition performance, which we want to achieve by quality assessment of biometric enrolment samples. In the second instance we are concerned about development and deployment of convenient  unobtrusive biometrics that can e..g. protect personal or business data that is stored on smartphones. Exploiting the embedded smartphone sensors is our strategy to deploy biometrics without any hardware costs. The third and yet very relevant instance is our work on privacy enhancing technologies such as biometric template protection and design of biometric systems according to the Privacy-by-Design principle. Our group is actively participating in international academic conferences such as ICB, BTAS and BIOSIG and contributes both to the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) and the international standardisation in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37.