2022-03-31 on Biometrics

da/sec scientific talk on Biometrics

Topic: SynCoLFinGer – Synthetic ContactLess Fingerprint Generator

by Siri Lorenz and Jannis Priesnitz
online Big Blue Button Room: D19/2.03a, March 31, 2022 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Mobile Biometrics, Fingerprint Recognition, Contactless Fingerprint, Synthetic Generation


Synthetic fingerprint generation is important to train fingerprint recognition systems, due to a lack of real data.
This talk presents SynCoLFinGer – an approach to generate synthetic contactless fingerprints – in its original form and an extended version, where two additional filters are added and evaluates their performance and image quality in comparison to databases consisting of real fingerprint images.
The resulting images can be used to train fingerprint recognition models.