2022-12-08 on Presentation Attack Detection

da/sec scientific talk on Presentation Attack Detection

Topic: Impact of Face Image Quality Estimation on Presentation Attack Detection

by Juan Tapia
online Big Blue Button Room: D19/2.03a, December 08, 2022 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Biometrics, PAD, Image quality


Non-referential face image quality assessment methods have gained popularity as a pre-filtering step in face recognition systems. In most of them, the quality score is usually designed with face matching in mind. However, a small amount of work has been done on measuring their impact and usefulness on Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). In this paper, we study the effect of quality assessment methods on filtering bona fide and attack samples, their impact on PAD systems, and how the performance of such systems is improved when training on a filtered (by quality) dataset. On a Vision Transformer PAD algorithm, a reduction of 20% of the training dataset by removing lower-quality samples allowed us to improve the BPCER by 3% in a cross-dataset test.