HDA Doppelgänger Face Database

HDA Doppelgänger Face Database

The Hochschule Darmstadt (HDA) doppelgänger database contains 400 pairs of doppelgänger images collected from multiple web sources.

Download and Copyright:

The database is being made available for researchers from 2021 onwards. Interested researchers can download this database upon request. Please send an email to christian.rathgeb@h-da.de. Any commercial use/distribution of this database is prohibited. All the technical reports and papers that report experimental results from this database should provide acknowledgment and reference to [1].


[1] Christian Rathgeb, Pawel Drozdowski, Marcel Obel, André Dörsch, Fabian Stockhardt, Nathania E. Haryanto, Kevin Bernardo, Christoph Busch, „Impact of Doppelgängers on Face Recognition: Database and Evaluation“, in 20th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG), 2021.