Presentation Attack Detection for Finger Recognition

Presentation Attack Detection for Finger Recognition

Score files of the experiments using finger vein images for fingerprint presentation attack detection (PAD).


The score files can be downloaded here.


In case you are comparing your results to ours, please cite and reference our works for PLBP [1] or Luminosity, MC mean, and MC histogram [1,2].

[1]  Jascha Kolberg, Marta Gomez-Barrero, Sushma Venkatesh, Raghavendra Ramachandra and Christoph Busch, „Presentation Attack Detection for Finger Recognition“ in Handbook of Vascular Biometrics, Springer 2020

[2] Marta Gomez-Barrero, Jascha Kolberg and Christoph Busch, „Towards Multi-Modal Finger Presentation Attack Detection“ in Proc. Int. Workshop on Ubiquitous implicit Biometrics and health signals monitoring for person-centric applications (UBIO) 2018