HDA Semi-synthetic Tattoo Database

HDA Semi-synthetic Tattoo Database

The Hochschule Darmstadt (HDA) semi-synthetic tattoo database contains 5,500 synthetic images with tattooed subjects as well as their respective three-class segmentation maps (i.e., background, skin, and tattoo). In addition, 140 real images with corresponding skin segmentation maps are provided. These images were used as base images to generate the semi-synthetic tattoo database.

Download and Copyright:

The database is being made available for researchers from 2023 onwards. Interested researchers can download this database upon request. Please send an email to lazaro-janier.gonzalez-soler@h-da.de with subject „HDA Semi-synthetic Tattoo Database“. Any commercial use/distribution of this database is prohibited. All the technical reports and papers that report experimental results from this database should provide acknowledgement and reference to [1].


[1] Lazaro J. Gonzalez-Soler, Christian Rathgeb, Daniel Fischer, „Semi-synthetic Data Generation for Tattoo Segmentation“, in Proc. Intl. Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF), 2023, pp. 1-6.