da/sec WDSET02 multisensor fingerprint database


da/sec WDSET02 multisensor fingerprint database

WDSET02 is a multisensor fingerprint database obtained using optical sensors for the acquisition of fingerprints subjected to four levels of moisture.  The moisture level of the finger is determined by a skin moisture measuring apparatus prior to the acquisition process.

The fingerprint dataset contains 6600 fingerprint samples acquired from 33 subjects  using 5 sensors under 4 controlled skin conditions for a total of 200 impressions per subject. 1650 samples for each of four conditions: „normal“, „dry“, „lotion“ and „water“.

The WDSET02 database is an in-house (semi-public) database and is intended for performance testing of fingerprint quality algorithms. Interested parties may test algorithms on WDSET02 provided that the testing is conducted at da/sec premises.


Five optical sensors were used for the acquisition process.

  • Dermalog ZF-1 (Dermalog Identification Systems GmbH)
  • CrossMatch L Scan 100 (Cross Match Technologies Inc.)
  • Identix DFR-2100 (L1 Identity Solutions Inc.)
  • CrossMatch Patrol ID (Cross Match Technologies Inc.)
  • CrossMatch Guardian (Cross Match Technologies Inc.)
contact: martin.olsen@cased.de