Jonas Otte defended his Master thesis on „Morphing Detection“

Nowadays the entire world is made smaller than ever before, meaning that traveling across the globe has been made easy and convenient. Furthermore the process of traveling is being made even more convenient with the introduction of automated border control (ABC), which allow the travelers to check in without the disadvantages of slow and manual human checkups. To be able to check in at the ABCs, the traveler would be required to obtain an electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD). By the introduction of eMRTD also a security issue has been introduced, which is face morphing in the facial image. The reason why the chances of facial morphing presentation attacks can occur is due to the fact that no licensed eMRTD issuer exists, anyone can freely upload their own image which is then attach to the eMRTD.
Face morphing appears when multiple companions combines their facial images into one and thereby makes it possible for every companion to use the same passport.