Jascha Kolberg defended his Master's thesis on 'Efficient Homomorphic Encryption to Protect Iris Codes for Biometric Authentication'

Abstract: Biometric recognition systems provide a reliable and automatic way for users to authenticate themselves since they do not need to remember a password or carry a token. However, since biometric data are considered personal and sensitive data, privacy issues

Kiran Bylappa Raja defended his doctor thesis on "Robust Biometric Verification based on the Eye Region – Algorithms for Visible Spectrum Image Data"

Abstract: Popular mobile banking and e-commerce applications like Google Wallet, Apple Pay and Ali Pay have resulted in using personal devices like smartphones for secure access of services via biometric data captured from embedded sensor. Further, the improved optics on

Christian Massinger defended his Master's thesis on 'Forensische Analyse von Smartphone Messengern am Beispiel von Whatsapp und Telegram'

In recent years, the increasing usage of smartphones has influenced the relevance of smartphone messenger like WhatsApp. As a consequence, the importance of the SMS as a communication service is decreasing. The messengers evolve constantly from an merely text messaging