Andreas Nautsch at Academic/Industry Round Table (Speaker Odyssey 2018)

The Academic/Industry Round Table, organized by Dr. Carlos Vaquero
(Cirrus Logic) and Prof. Nicholas Evans (EURECOM), placed emphasis on:

  • challenges and evaluations,
  • dynamics of the collaboration (role of Academy and Industry),
  • deep learning and its impact on how we collaborate,
  • the role of professional organisations / associations,
  • collaboration depending on maturity of technology,

on which six experts discussed, namely: Dr. Anil Alexander (Oxford Wave
Research), Dr. Benoit Fauve, (ValidSoft), Dr. Marcel Kockmann
(Voicetrust), Mikel Sánchez (Veridas), Prof. Lukáš Burget (Brno
University of Technology), Andreas Nautsch (CRISP), Craig Greenberg
(NIST), and Prof. Tomi Kinnunen (University of Eastern Finland).