Dr. Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler has been awarded with the FBTI Award of Excellence 2023

Jahrestagung des Fachbereichstages Informatik (FBTI) at HTWK – Germany-wide award for outstanding final theses presented at HAW.

The ceremony took place on 9 October at the HTWK Leipzig as part of the annual conference of the Department of Computer Science (FBTI). The problems worked on by the award winners demonstrate such a broad spectrum of possible computer science applications as one would expect from universities of applied sciences.

Dr. Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler was awarded the prize for the best doctoral thesis in computer science at the German Universities of Applied Sciences. In his doctoral thesis „Generalisable Presentation Attack Detection for Multiple Types of Biometric Characteristics“, Dr. González-Soler proposed a generalisable method to detect illegitimate authentication attempts through attack presentations (e.g. by forged fingerprints). He achieved the best accuracy and generalisability compared to other current techniques on different types of biometric characteristics. His supervisors Prof. Marta Gomez-Barrero from the Universität der Bundeswehr München and Prof. Christoph Busch from Hochschule Darmstadt speak of „a significant improvement in the security and privacy of biometric systems“.