CAST Award 2012

We are proud to announce, that our team member Adrian Winterstein has been awarded with the CAST Award 2012 in the category for bachelor theses. His bachelor thesis entitled „Ear detection in 3D images using surface curvature“ was selected by the CAST members to win thie year’s award. Adrian Winterstein proposes a novel method for each detection in 3D profile images, that exploits the specific structure and appearance of the outer ear. With this approach, the accuracy of each locatization under pose variation could be improved significantly.

Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (CAST e.V.)  is a network for academic and industrypartners. The goal of CAST e.V.  is to provide and develop the necessary competencies for the growing importance of IT security in all branches of business and public administration. One of the activities of CAST e.V. is the annual award for supportint future reseraches in the field of IT security.