Andreas Nautsch wins the FBTI Award 2021

In 2021 the FBTI (Fachbereichstag Informatik) Award is granted to a researcher, who expressed through his work a wider perspective to get a broader picture on biometric applications. The winner of this award is Andreas Nautsch, who conducted his PhD project at Hochschule Darmstadt / Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany), and presented the topic of Security & Privacy in Voice Biometrics and Beyond. A holistic perspective was presented for: better decision making compensating for changing signal quality; voice presentation attack detection; privacy-preserving likelihood ratio computation using Paillier homomorphic encryption and secure two-party computation, and the interrelation of performance evaluation paradigms in biometrics standardisation and forensic sciences. These, whilst directly leading to new metrics in international research challenges on security and on privacy for speech data, are also put in the bigger picture: interdisciplinary research including speech, legal, cryptography and biometric experts.