Best Poster Award for Pawel Drozdowski at BIOSIG-2019

Pawel Drozdowski of the da/sec group received a best poster award for the contribution of „On the Application of Homomorphic Encryption to Face Identification“ at the 18th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG 2019), which took place in Darmstadt, Germany.

The presented research was conducted within the framework of LOEWE-3 project BioBiDa, together with external collaborators from FU Berlin.


The data security and privacy of enrolled subjects is a critical requirement expected from biometric systems. This paper addresses said topic in facial biometric identification. In order to fulfil the properties of unlinkability, irreversibility, and renewability of the templates required for biometric template protection schemes, homomorphic encryption is utilised. In addition to achieving the aforementioned objectives, the use of homomorphic encryption ensures that the biometric performance remains completely unaffected by the template protection scheme.

The main contributions of this paper are: It proposes an architecture of a system capable of performing biometric identification in the encrypted domain, as well as provides and evaluates an implementation using two existing homomorphic encryption schemes. Furthermore, it discusses the pertinent technical considerations and challenges in this context.