2023-12-14 on Privacy Protection & Workload Reduction

da/sec scientific talk on
Privacy Protection &
Workload Reduction

Topic: Privacy Preserving Workload Reduction in Biometric Systems

by Daile Osorio-Roig
D19/2.03a, December 14, 2023 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Biometrics, privacy protection, privacy enhancement, attack, biometric identification, workload reduction, multi-biometric indexing, biometric template protection.


This presentation will discuss emerging topics in privacy-preserving biometric systems: indexing schemes that operate on protected templates for different biometric characteristics, as well as some limitations in privacy protection. Relevant experimental results leading to novel biometric-template-protection-agnostic and biometric characteristic-agnostic indexing schemes that reduce successfully the computational workload of a biometric system, while preserving biometric security and performance will be analysed. Also, novel attacks that show the vulnerability in the context of privacy protection will be proposed.