2023-11-23 on Morphing Attack Detection

da/sec scientific talk on Morphing Attack Detection

Topic: Impact of Synthetic Images on Morphing Attack Detection Using a Siamese Network

by Juan Tapia
D19/2.03a, November 23, 2023 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Biometrics, Face morphing


This paper evaluated the impact of synthetic images on Morphing Attack Detection (MAD) using a Siamese network with a semi- hard-loss function.
Intra and cross-dataset evaluations were performed to measure synthetic image generalisation capabilities using a cross-dataset for evaluation.
Three different pre-trained networks were used as feature extractors from traditional MobileNetV2, MobileNetV3 and EfficientNetB0.
Our results show that MAD trained on EfficientNetB0 from FERET, FRGCv2, and FRLL can reach a lower error rate in comparison with SOTA.
Conversely, worse performances were reached when the system was trained only with synthetic images.
A mixed approach (synthetic + digital) database may help to improve MAD and reduce the error rate.
This fact shows that we still need to keep going with our effort to include synthetic images in the training process.