2019-02-21 on IT-Security

da/sec scientific talk on IT-Security

Topic: Is an IP-Camera IoT and how secure is it at all?

by Michael Wirth
D19/2.03a, February 21, 2019 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — IoT, IP-Kamera, Pentesting


Every week, we can read something about Internet of Things (IoT), refrigerator, toaster, washing machines and IP-Camera are smart and every object can be managed by the smartphone. There will be more and more devices and transmission technologies. Every manufacturer has its own solution with Cloud, Long Range Wide Area Networdk (LoRaWAN) Sigfox and so on. But are they a part of IoT? Or what define actually IoT? In addition, did manufacturer learned something about security in IoT-devices (IP-Cameras) since Mirai-Botnet? Perhaps it is better to build an own IoT-device (IP-Camera) with the Raspberry Pi Zero after this lecture…