Advanced Seminar (36.4800) WS14/15

Advanced Seminar / Masterseminar  (36.4800) WS14/15

The Advanced Seminar in WS14/15 will be held by Sebastian Abt and will focus on Simulation and Data Synthesis in Network Security Research. Students will investigate different methods and techniques related to attack and network simulation as well as data synthesis. The topic of network simulation and data synthesis if of high practical as well as academic value as availability of datasets is generally limited in the wild due to the sensitivity of data.

Besides the specialization in the above mentioned discipline, this seminar aims at practicing the students‘ ability to independently perform scientific work. Consequently, students will be required to do a good job of literature research and to clearly structure and present acquired knowledge. Particularly, every group of students will be required to write a scientific paper. If results permit, selected papers shall be submitted to an international scientific conference, such as AIMS 2015.

The seminar will have only few fixed class meetings. Besides these meetings, additional appointments shall be arranged individually and on demand. The schedule of this seminar can be found in the online booking system (OBS).

Each group’s term paper has to be prepared using Springer’s LNCS template with a length of 10 – 12 pages without references and clear marked appendices. The LNCS templates for Word and LaTeX can be found here: The final presentation will be 40 minutes per group + 20 minutes discussion of the results. A grade will be given based on the term paper and final presentation as defined in the module description.

According to OBS, the course capacity is 12 seats. Eventually, additional seats can be offered. If you don’t get a seat in the allocation period, please join the kickoff and ask for an additional seat. If you got allocated a seat but can’t join the kickoff, please get in touch with me by email before the kickoff. Otherwise, your seat will be revoked.

The seminar language is english, without exception.