Harald Baier

Prof. Dr. Harald Baier

Position: Professor for Internet security
Office: S4|14, room 4.3.14 or D19, room 2.07
Email: harald.baier -at- {h-da.de, cased.de}
Telephone: +49.6151.16-30089

Research interests

  • Digital Forensics
  • Network based intrusion detection
  • Security protocols and security infrastructures



My publications are available via the publications part of the da/sec web site.

Theses supervision

Information on completed theses under my supervision are available via the completed theses part of the da/sec web site.

If you are interested in a thesis in my group, please have a look at our open theses site.

More information …

… about myself you currently find at my previous site at the department of computer science.