Anika Pflug

Anika Pflug, M.Sc.

Position: Ph.D. student (former member)

In 2002 I started my studies in computer science at Technical University of Darmstadt. In spring semester 2006 I changed to Hochschule Darmstadt and received my master’s degree in February 2011. Since June 2011 I’m a member of da/sec at CASED and in January 2012 I started my Ph.D. studies at Gjovik University College.

My reserach topic is related to the GES-3D project where I am working on ear recognition systems for forensic image analysis. The goal of the project is to develop a system, which is capable of supporting forensic experts at BKA (the German criminal police) in identifying perpetrators in CCTV images. The identification system will fuse features extracted from the face and from the outer er in order to achieve a higher identification rate under the presence of different poses. Moreover, the use of 3D images as references will contribte to the robustness against pose variation.

My main focus is the development of robust ear detection and recognition approaches for 2D and 3D images in uncontrolled environments. Because it is planned to use 3D images as references and videos or photographs (2D) as probe images, I also deveop techniques for feature mapping between 2D and 3D images. Further, I’m interested in efficient feature vector encoding and intelligent serach techniques for identification in large scale systems.


  • Biometrische Systeme (SS2015)

Conference Papers

Journal Articles

  • Anika Pflug, Daniel Hartung, Christoph Busch, Feature Extraction from Vein Images using Spatial Information and Chain Codes, Information Security Technical Report, Volume 17, Issues 1–2, February 2012, Pages 26-35, DOI: 10.1016/j.istr.2012.02.003, [pdf] [BibTex]
  • Anika Pflug, Christoph Busch, Ear Biometrics – A Survey of Detection, Feature Extraction and Recognition Methods,  IET Biometrics, Volume 1, Number 2,  Pages 114-129, June 2012, DOI: 10.1049/iet-bmt.2011.0003, [pdf] [BibTex]

Further Talks

  • „2D and 3D Ear Recognition“, 3D Face Symposium, University of Twente, October 2013
  • „GES-3D“, TeleTrust AG Biometrie, March 2013
  • „Ear Detection from Profile Images using Surface Curvature“, Biometrics Summer School, Alghero, June 2012
  • „Vein Pattern Recognition – Extraction andComparison of Vein Patterns for bioemtric Purposes“, TeleTrust AG Biometrie, March 2011
  • „Venenerkennung – Mustererkennung in Venenbildern zu biometrischen Identifikation“, CAST Förderpreis 2011, November 2011