Challenges related to “on the move” biometrics

Funding Agency: European Commission – Project ID 101168325
Team members: The CarMen project gathered 15 partners from European countries who were recognised as leaders in their fields. They are grouped into 3 categories: Academic, Industrial and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), and Government agencies.
Performance period: to define 2024 – 2028
Website: N/A

Project description:

Challenges related to “on the move” biometrics are 1/ lower quality live biometric data and 2/ no time to read the ePassport. Also, fully automatic biometric border control solutions are currently deployed only for pedestrians in controlled environments, even with a stop allowed. In uncontrolled environmental conditions, Carmen innovates biometric solutions for non-stop border control that are suitable for pedestrians and vehicles. Travellers’ authentication is achieved in two steps:
  1. the biometric data (face, iris, periocular) of travellers is securely stored in their smartphones, thanks to a DTC (Digital Traveller Credential),
  2. the biometric data is securely transferred from the DTC to the border authority infrastructure and compared to the live biometric data collected as the traveller crosses the border control point.
To address various environmental conditions, Carmen uses both NIR and RGB live biometric images and compares them to the reference images acquired with one type of lighting only. Carmen has a multimodal approach to the face, iris, and periocular regions to make biometrics more robust. In fraud detection:
  • CarMen detects presentation attacks on moving travellers and anomalous traveller behaviour. Carmen enables the use of fixed and body-worn cameras to address small and large border crossing points.
  • CarMen detects face images in slowly moving vehicles through the windows to address travellers in cars or lorries. Travellers in coaches are controlled by border guards who walk through the coach using dedicated portable equipment as they walk. Carmen addresses the robustness of DTC via data injection attacks. Carmen complies with the existing legal and ethical standards, and privacy is a central concern.
  • CarMen solutions will be demonstrated in operational conditions over the UK – France border. French and UK border authorities are part of the Carmen consortium, using the infrastructure proposed by the partner Brittany Ferries.