Juan Tapia and Sebastian Gonzales are Livedet 2020 winner

The team formed by Juan Tapia and Sebastian Gonzales from Chile are the Livedet 2020 winner (http://www.iris2020.livdet.org/). Livedet 2020 competition is an international contest focusing on evaluating the presentation attack detection from NIR iris images organized by the International Joint Conference of Biometric (IJCB) 2020. Participation in LivDet-Iris 2020 was open to all academic and industrial institutions with the option to participate anonymously in both the Algorithms and Systems part. LivDet-Iris 2020 was different from previous editions in that the organizers did not announce any official training set. Instead, the participants were encouraged to use all data available to make their solutions as effective and robust as possible. The winning team’s method achieved the lowest BPCER = 0.46% of all nine algorithms in the three categories( https://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.00749.pdf). Juan Tapia has recently joined as a new member of the da/sec Biometric and Internet-security research group of Hochschule Darmstadt for working on a face-morphing project.