Christian Rathgeb and Christoph Busch edited the book 'Iris and Periocular Biometric Recognition' of the IET book series on Advances in Biometrics

The book „Iris and Periocular Biometric Recognition“ edited by Christian Rathgeb and Christoph Busch has recently been published:

This is the first book in the IET Book Series on Advances in Biometrics.

Nowadays, biometric recognition represents an integral component of identity management systems, providing a robust and reliable way of recognizing individuals. Iris recognition has received significant attention in the recent past and is already widely deployed in several large-scale nation-wide projects. Due to its intricate structure the iris texture constitutes one of the most powerful biometric characteristics. Under active participation of captured subjects, existing approaches to iris recognition achieve legendary resistance against false matches and, hence, auspicious recognition accuracy. Periocular biometric recognition systems, which process the externally visible skin region of the face that surrounds the eye socket, have been introduced to improve biometric performance in unconstrained environments. More recently, the use of periocular biometric recognition in the fields of surveillance as well as mobile applications has become of particular interest.

This book provides a comprehensive collection of current research topics in the field of iris and periocular biometric recognition by a wide variety of experts  from academia and industry. The book is intended to complement existing literature in the area of iris and periocular biometric recognition.  In-depth investigations, accompanied by comprehensive experimental evaluations, provide the reader with theoretical and empirical explanations of fundamental and current research topics. Moreover, future directions and issues still to be solved in the fields of iris and periocular biometric recognition are discussed.