2023-10-19 on Template Protection, Behavioral Biometrics

da/sec scientific talk on Template Protection, Behavioral Biometrics

Topic: Type^2: A Secure and Seamless Biometric Two-Factor Authentication Protocol Using Keystroke Dynamics

by Pia Bauspieß
online Big Blue Button Room: D19/2.03a, 12.00 noon

Keywords — Keystroke Dynamics, Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Two-Factor Authentication


Password-based user authentication comes with impersonation risks due to poor quality passwords or security breaches of service providers. An additional layer of security can be provided to the authentication through keystroke dynamics, i.e., measuring and comparing users’ typing rhythm for their password. While this two-factor authentication is efficient and unobtrusive, the privacy of the biometric characteristics must be ensured. Therefore, we present the Type^2 protocol for secure two-factor authentication based on keystroke dynamics, where the anomaly detection of the latter is executed in the encrypted domain. In an experimental evaluation, we show that our proposed protocol achieves real-time efficiency with an overhead of less than 130 milliseconds compared to password-only authentication.