2023-06-22 on Security & Privacy Protection

da/sec scientific talk on Security & Privacy Protection

Topic: Circumventing Adversarial Attacks by Key Selection:A Closer Look

by Daile Osorio Roig
D19/2.03a, June 22, 2023 (Thursday), 12.00 noon

Keywords — Security, Privacy Protection, Face Recognition, Cancelable schemes


Nowadays, biometric systems can be circumvented by different adversarial attacks. Such attacks can be aimed at different targets in the biometric system, e.g. focusing on privacy leakages at the comparison- and decision-level or on injecting new information at the feature extraction-level. In this talk, we focus on how the attacker is able to eavesdrop on the communication channel and obtains a high similarity score, thus, the attacker gets a high chance to pass to the biometric system as mated comparisons. Additionally, in this talk, different strategies of key selection at the signal-level contributing to the so-called cancelable schemes are analysed and interpreted to further understand and mitigate these types of attacks.