Biometric Systems (SS 2016)

Biometric Systems (FBI 41.4980)

This lecture covers the following topics:

  • Biometric performance
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Voice/Speaker recognition
  • Multimodal biometrics
  • Biometric sample quality
  • ePassport and biometrics
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Security of biometric systems


The grade for this lecture consist of a seminar term paper (33%) and a written examination (66%). The term paper is compulsory! For a complete list with seminar topics, please refer to the syllabus document.

Implementation topics can be taken by teams of at most two students. If a topic is taken by more than two students, the first come, first serve rule applies. Please note that all state of the art surveys are individual work, and should only be taken by one student at a time.

An overview of the seminar topics and some tips for the term paper will be presented in the first lecture. If you have chosen a seminar topic, you can enter you name and email address to the according doodle poll: In case you want to work as a team, please enter your name and the name of your team mate. Each topic can only be assigned once.

Important Dates

  • April 04th Lecture Starts with a brief introduction to the seminar. The slides for the seminar introduction are available .
  • Until April 20th: Have a seminar topic assigned in Doodle (
  • May 30th; 23:59 (UTC+1): Deadline for handing in the term papers to EasyChair.
  • June 10th: Submissions of reviews for assigned papers (EasyChair).
  • June 15th: Submit final version of your term paper (EasyChair).
  • June 17th: Upload slides for seminar presentation (EasyChair).
  • June 20th and June 27th: Presentation of term papers in class.

When submitting the term paper, please name your PDF file according to the following scheme FBI-41.4980-<Matrikelnummer>-<Themenkürzel>.zip. Any further material (code, literature etc) should be collected in a zip-file, that follows the same naming convention. We will collect your material on a USB stick at the data of your oral presentation.

Please note that all emails that come in after 23:59 will be ignored. In order to make sure that your submission was successful, you can send the term paper during the afternoon. You will get a short notice that the submission was successful.

Time schedule for the presentations, which will take place in D19 room 2.03
The presentation should last 20 min for single speaker and 30min for groups of two.

Date        | Time | Topic
20.06.16 | 17:45 | Iris Segmentation on Smartphones (ISS)
20.06.16 | 18:30 | Eye Detection from Images on Smartphones
20.06.16 | 19:00 | Biometrische Erkennung und Smartwatches am Beispiel der Gear S2
20.06.16 | 19:30 | Face recognition algorithms for checkbox analysis in writer identification

27.06.16 | 17:45 | Biometric Template Protection Using Homomorphic Encryption (TPH)
27.06.16 | 18:30 | Attacking fingerprint sensors with artificial fingers made from latent fingerprints
27.06.16 | 19:00 | Vein Liveness Detection