Advanced Seminar WS19/20 (Drozdowski, Priesnitz, Rathgeb)

Advanced Seminar / Masterseminar WS 2019/20

The Advanced Seminar will focus on different topics related to Biometrics
Seminar will start at 17.10.2019 at 16:00 in room D19/2.03

The final presentations will be on 19.03.2020 in room D19/2.03

The seminar will have only few fixed class meetings. Besides these meetings, additional appointments shall be arranged individually and on demand. The schedule of this seminar can be found in the online booking system (OBS).

Each group’s term paper has to be prepared using IEEE template (Word or LaTeX) with a length of 6 – 8 pages, not counting references and clear marked appendices. The final presentation will be 45 minutes per group + 15 minutes discussion of the results. A grade will be given based on the term paper and final presentation as defined in the module description.

Student groups (1-2 persons) may select their own topic or choose a topic from the list below. Detailed topic descriptions and starting resources can be found in a separate document. Sliedes to be presented at the kickoff can be foud here.

  1. Bias in Face Recognition
  2. Anonymisation in Face Recognition
  3. Partial Face Recognition
  4. Impact of Facial Tattoos on Face Recognition
  5. Colorisation in Face Recognition
  6. Fingerphoto Presentation Attack Detection
  7. Contrast Research on touchless Fingerprint Recognition under different Illuminants