NoSQL storage for NetFlow records

Development of a NoSQL-based storage backend for nfdump


Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis


In ISPs environments, typically multiple gigabytes of NetFlow records are created per day. These records are usually being stored in plain files, organized by a directory structure. This kind of storage does not support any complex backend operations or any kind of intelligent/fast sorting. In order to improve this, this thesis aims at developing and evaluating a NoSQL-based backend for nfdump – a NetFlow processing toolkit commonly used by ISPs. The tasks includes, but is not limited to, systematic analysis of nfdump file format, analysis and integration of NoSQL-based database management systems and development of an corresponding nfdump storage backend.

This work directly contributes to our BMBF funded research project INSAIN.


  • Good coding skills (C, Python, Java)
  • Good Linux/BSD skills
  • Very good in German or good in English language
  • Knowledge of data base systems and architecture
  • Knowledge of NoSQL is a plus
  • Creativity and ability to work independently
  • Willingness to actively communicate with peers

Working condition

Flexible, no presence required. Home office is possible. Details will be discussed in regular personal meetings. Working place at CASED or h_da can be offered if required/wished.


Sebastian Abt