Looking for PhD students!

The current funding for ATHENE (BMBF and HMWK) and further third party funded projects (e.g. from BMBF, BSI, industry) allows us to employ motivated and outstanding staff members to work on their PhD in the area of IT security.

Ten good reasons for joining our group are:

  1. Great personal freedom in organising your work, while taking benefit from the employee status at h_da.
  2. Take benefit of a well defined process to become a PhD. You can choose between options to register as PhD with IT-Security specialized universities like Hochschule Darmstadt, TU Darmstadt or to register with NTNU in Norway. None of our registration procedures is associated with a study fee, but a master degree is required.
  3. Contribute to your field and become an author of scientific publications. You present your achievements at international conferences and get the travel expenses reimbursed.
  4. Choose the topic that you like to work on: Have a chance to focus on an interesting topic that you like for three years and become a world expert in this field. It is a great opportunity to do highly experimental things that you would not try in industry – without pressure of short time monetary reward.
  5. Work in a team with your own student assistants and be your own project manager.
  6. You get equipped with an up-to-date and well equipped working environment.
  7. Many chances to establish network with both industry and academic partners in your field of interest.
  8. Get teaching experience and thus increase the possibility to attract motivated student workers and to become a lecturer in the long term.
  9. Enjoy to spend a dedicated research in an English speaking work environment and stay with our many international partner institutions abroad (eg. Spain, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, France, US, South Africa, Korea, China, Japan, Australia, etc.).
  10. Increase your job possibilities with higher qualification.

If you’re interested in joining our group, please send your application to Prof. Dr. Christian Rathgeb or Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch.