Siri Lorenz

Degree: M.Sc.
Position: Ph.D. Student Member
Office: D19 room 2.08
Email: siri.lorenz -at-


Siri Lorenz completed her Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science) in 2020 at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt (h_da). She has been a part-time member of the IT-security group da/sec at the h_da ever since. After completing her Master’s degree in 2023 she is now starting her PhD with a focus on biometric fairness.

Research Interests

  • Biometrics
  • Fairness in Biometric Systems


Siri Lorenz, Jannis Priesnitz, Mathias Ibsen, Christoph Busch, “Towards CNN-based Level 1 Feature Extraction for Contactless Fingerprint Recognition.” In: Norsk IKT-konferanse for forskning og utdanning. NISK, Nov. 2023.

Siri Lorenz, Jannis Priesnitz, Christian Rathgeb, Christoph Busch, „Modelling Frequent Imperfections of Contactless Fingerprints“ in Intl. Joint Conf. on Biometrics  (IJCB), 2022.

Siri Lorenz, Ulrich Scherhag, Christian Rathgeb, Christoph Busch, „Morphing attack detection: A fusion approach“, in 2021 IEEE 24th Intl. Conf. on Information Fusion (FUSION) 2021.