Project sponsor: European Union

Project partners: Morpho (Safran Group, Coordinator), Hochschule Darmstadt, German Federal Criminal Police Office, Fraunhofer IGD, KU Leuven, Gjovik University College, and 13 further partners

Time frame: February 2012 – January 2016

Project description: FIDELITY abbreviates Fast and trustworthy Identity Delivery and check with ePassports leveraging Traveller privacy. Efforts have been made to strengthen border identity checks with electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTD) embedding electronic chips which contain biometric data. However, problems appeared regarding fraud in the ePassport issuing process, difficulties in certificates management, and shortcomings in convenience, speed, and efficiency of identity checks. FIDELITY will analyse shortcomings and vulnerabilities in the whole ePassports life cycle and develop technical solutions and recommendations to overcome them. It is a large scale integrated project aiming at facilitating and securing the use of electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents and their security infrastructures. The CASED group of the Hochschule Darmstadt participates in the following subprojects:

  • Dissemination, exploitation, cooperation and training
  • Control process and ePassport security analysis
  • ePassport usability analysis, Breeder documents & ownership verification
  • Biometric data protection
  • Secure and efficient certificate architecture for MRTD applications
  • Protocols for ePassport and owner authentication
  • Secure and fast data exchange mechanisms for border crossing ID checks
  • Next generation ePassport architecture
  • Evaluation (ePassport protocol security assessment)