New Biometric Methods for Cyber-Forensics

Funding Agency:Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sport
Team members: Hochschule Darmstadt (HDA)
Hessian State Criminal Police Office (HLKA)
Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sport (HMdIS)
Time frame: May 2022 – September 2024

Project description:

The goal of the Bio4ensics research project is to investigate biometric technologies in forensic scenarios (in particular the recognition of victims on the basis of children’s faces, as well as the recognition of perpetrators based on tattoos and hands). To this end, synthetic image data is generated so that it reflects the characteristics of real-world data in forensic investigations as similar as possible. For the generation of synthetic biometric data, publicly available algorithms will be examined, used, and optimised. Further, new recognition methods will be developed incorporating new potentially useful biometric characteristics. By working on the aforementioned research ideas, a gain in knowledge regarding the automated processing of forensic image data is expected.